Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ingenius Software’s Live Content Creator turns Mitel VoIP phones into streaming media applications customized by user or department.

Ingenius Software, debute its "go to market" solution that will increases Mitel's advantage as the Leader in VoIP Technology Innovation.

Ingenius made quite a splash with its working demonstrations featured at the recent Mitel Business Partner Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its most ground breaking innovation is the Live Content Creator that is developed exclusively for both the Mitel 3300 and Mitel 5000 systems.

This will allow for each department of an organization using the Mitel VoIP solution to have its own custom content appear on the self labeling phones with actual live streaming real time information. The sales department can have one custom set up while the Executive's Phones can have a completely separate custom screen including live real time content.

Content can either be streaming from the Web, from internal resources such as CRM or Point of Sale applications, or from manual updates published via html. Clearly this is a "GAME CHANGER" and one to watch how the marketplace embraces this customization of their display phones as an additional Web Streaming Console.

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  1. Very nice. is there more documentation on this elsewhere.