Friday, June 26, 2009

Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst Reviews Recent Mitel Business Forum and Mitel's incubator holding company, Wesley Clover, as being the right model

As Don Smith, President of Mitel, said to an audience at last week's Business Partner Forum, "If change is inevitable then you should drive it.” Attached is a another example of Mitel's strategy for driving change by its industry unique model for its associated Incubation Group of twelve companies that form the Wesley Clover Group's technology section.

Attached is Principal Analyst for Nancy Jamison's review of Mitel's incubation group: Mitel Partner Conference and Wesley Clover - Unified Communications Strategies Views - Unified Communications Strategies

Each of these companies introduce a unique solution that provides value in the industry and that help to increase the differentiation of Mitel from the rest of the industry players.

These Wesley Clover entities plus the other third party developers that develop solutions for the Mitel product line make the Mitel solution a flexible and ever evolving solution for its 400,000 customers servicing 20 million users in 90 countries through more than 100 direct offices and 1,400 business partners. To learn more about the Mitel Solution, feel free to contact your current Mitel representative or myself if you don’t have one or if you are located in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania.

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