Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mitel "Driving" change in the marketplace is recognized by Mitel winning Exclusive Telecom Vendor Contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance

It will be far easier for Education, Government, and non-Profit agencies nationally to procure the Leading Telecom Innovation Driver in the industry. The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) has awarded Mitel exclusivity under its cooperative purchasing agreement to help all Education, Government, and non-Profit Agencies secure a competitive solution from Mitel that satisfies procurement policies and procedures for local and state agencies.

After a competitive bid between Mitel and Avaya, Mitel won the contract based on product quality, customer service, pricing, and overall market leadership to become the first telecom vendor with the NJPA. The NJPA is a municipal contracting government agency that serves all education, government, and non-profit agencies across the United States. The NJPA solicits, establishes, and facilitates competitive bid purchasing contracts on behalf of its member agencies.

Feel free to contact me if you need to find out how your Education, Government, or non-Profit Agency can secure this NJPA pricing and immediately satisfy all of your local/state bidding requirements for Mitel products and services which are the clear Leader in Telecom Innovations.

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